Hi there! I'm glad you found yourself here.
Sometimes, you might wonder how you got to be where you are. For me, I find myself thinking about that very thing quite often. When I look back at everything that has taken place and has brought me to this point in time, I’m nothing short of amazed.
Since graduating with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011, I have remained dedicated to design. My experience covers a wide range—from freelancing remotely as part of a design team, to working as the sole in-house designer. My favorite projects to work on include logos and identities, as well as branding—and reaching beyond the paper or the screen.
I always crave knowledge, and my mind always tries to find the connection and meaning in everything. That is part of why I love being a designer. It’s like magic when I find a new way to communicate an idea visually—meshing together words and images to create emotions, to inspire, or to find a simpler solution.
In my free time, I like taking adventures with my camera in hand, working on my latest side project, and trying my best to entertain my dog—who isn’t easily amused.
Other Work: