Hi there! I'm glad you found yourself here.
Since graduating with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011, I have remained dedicated to design. My experience covers a wide range—from freelancing remotely as part of a design team, to working as the sole in-house designer. My favorite projects to work on include logos and identities, as well as branding—and reaching beyond the paper or the screen.
I always crave knowledge, and my mind always tries to find the connection and meaning in everything. That is part of why I love being a designer. It’s like magic when I find a new way to communicate an idea visually—meshing together words and images to create emotions, to inspire, or to find a simpler solution.
In my free time, I like taking adventures with my camera in hand, working on my latest side project, and trying my best to entertain my dog—who isn’t easily amused.